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For Directors/Producers: Send a Casting Form

If you are a director or producer looking to send out a casting notice, click here to download our casting form. If you have trouble downloading the form or the BU Casting header logo does not appear, please email us at and we will send you the form as an attachment. Please let us know if you would like it sent via Pages document or Microsoft Word document. 

Please note that we only accept casting calls sent from Boston University students. Fill out the form and send as a PDF attachment to Let us know if you would like your notice or any other promotional material posted to our Facebook page.

  • The form will only be accepted in the PDF format.
  • The notice must be no longer than one page and must contain all audition information (location/room number, time, date). 
    • If you do not have a time or location for auditions, or wish to arrange them privately, please indicate so on the form. (For example, under "Audition Date and Location," you might write "please email director to set up an audition time.") 
  • Do not remove the Boston University Casting header logo. 

We will not send out revised casting dates and times, nor will we send notices that do not fit the aforementioned requirements.

We advise you to send notices at least a week in advance and remind you that it can take 1-2 days for a response

If for compensation you are promising to provide a DVD of your project, please be sure to follow through and get the finished product to the generous actors who gave you their time.

Please note: Our membership database is not limited to Boston University student actors. Your casting notice will be sent out to our actors, who range in age, levels of experience, and may or may not attend Boston University.

  • Therefore, under "Character Breakdown" please list the age range that you would like the actors to be so they know if they are a good fit for your project.

Furthermore, we only accept casting calls sent from Boston University students. If you are a director or producer from another school looking to cast your film, please check out New England Actor, Between Gigs, or some other local website for local actors. 

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