BU Casting Policy during COVID-19

During the Fall 2021 semester the following procedures will be in place for recruiting actors for student productions from bostonuniversitycasting.ning.com.


  • Directors may only cast for BU Department of Film and Television class productions.
  • Casting calls can now take place in person but all persons not actively reading for a role must masked.
  • Casting is now opened up to actors outside of the BU community; however ALL actors must be vaccinated. 

How do I receive casting calls?

If you are an actor or actress looking to audition, please sign up for the site.

Once your profile is approved, you will receive emails about casting calls from local directors and producers through Boston University Casting. 

How do I send casting calls?

If you are a director or producer looking to send out a casting call, please download and fill out our casting form, found on the "For Directors" tab.

You do not have to be a member of the site to send a casting announcement; however, we suggest you create a profile if you wish to view our other members and contact them directly. 


How do I respond to casting calls? 

The casting sheet will designate a person of contact (typically the director or producer).

Please send your information to them, not to the BU Casting general email.

Who does my casting call get sent to?

The casting call will be sent to our entire email database and posted on our casting announcements page.

Our actors range in age, levels of experience, and are not exclusive to Boston University.

How close to my audition date can I send an announcement?

You should send your announcement as soon as you are able to give actors proper notice.

We suggest at least a week in advance.

It takes several days to send out casting announcements, so if you send in a casting announcement the day before your auditions, it's unlikely that it will be posted on time.

Please contact us at bostonucasting@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

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